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5 Skills that are Useful for Every Career

Lisa Landman explains which skills are needed for every career.

· Lisa Landman,Psychology,Career

As you begin your search for employment, you should keep in mind that any potential employers you encounter will be looking for you to possess certain skills. If you want to increase your likelihood of being hired, study these five useful career skills and begin to sharpen them before your next set of interviews.

1. Personal Management Skills

Personal management skills allow you to manage multiple tasks or make multiple plans simultaneously. They also allow you to adapt to sudden changes in your work environment. These skills will prove useful to you in any career due to the hectic nature of work environments. Whether you’re in a management position or an entry-level employee, you’re going to find yourself needing to adapt to workplace changes and managing multiple tasks on a daily basis.

2. Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are vital to your success in any career. These are the skills that allow you to make your time spent working more efficient and less stressful. Creating organization skills requires you to form a filing system for your paperwork that will allow you to find documents you need easily. An organizational system will also allow you to expedite any assistance to a coworker who asks you for specific documents or items.

3. Leadership Skills

Having leadership skills means that you have the ability to take the lead in a situation where you are working with one or more coworkers. You’re able to keep them working in harmony and towards a single goal. Leadership skills are invaluable to any employer and many employers will actively look for and nurture the leadership traits in their employees. This helps groom them for promotions into management positions.

4. Time Management Skills

Being able to manage your time without the assistance of managers or other coworkers is a key skill to have before entering any career. An employer will require a potential employee to have strong time management skills. Those that possess this skill will be able to adhere to strict deadlines and ensure that they set aside time to finish multiple tasks before the set individual deadlines.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

An employee with a keen eye and a sharp mind is a boon to any employer. Problems and difficulties are an inevitable aspect of any career. Your manager and coworkers will be busy handling their own deadlines and work for the day, so if you run into a problem during your work, being able to solve it on your own will show ingenuity on your part and impress your company.

Lisa Landman has a Doctorate in Psychology and has experience in large and small organizational environments.

Originally published at on August 29, 2018.

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